Terri Cole on How to Stop Codependency & Be a Boundary Boss


How can we say no without feeling guilt or shame? Terri Cole, psychotherapist, boundary and relationship coach, podcaster, and author, is back to teach you how to stop codependent habits, prevent your customers’ limiting beliefs around money affect your business, let go of other people’s judgment, and respect your desires and boundaries so you can have the life you deserve.

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1. Stay on your side of the street.
2. When you bring truth into a conversation, all of a sudden another person gets to step forward and rise. That’s what integrity does.
3. Be discerning about whose opinion you value. You can choose not to care.
4. What other people think of you is literally none of your business.
5. Stop the auto yes. Commit for the next 7 days that no one gets an instant answer to any request. Press pause. You deserve time.
6. A good reason not to do stuff is simply because you don’t want to.
7. Value your bandwidth, your health, and your need to rest.

Thank you so much for listening!

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