Is Time an Excuse? + How to Let Go of Control


How can you identify the blind spots in your resistance and be in your highest alignment? Cathy shares a coaching call with Jo, an author and speaker who wants to expand her business but feels limited by her available time. You’ll learn how to overcome those excuses and limiting beliefs,  what the best practices are to connect with people and create opportunities, how to trust in the unknown, and how to set down the thimble and open up to the infinite well inside of you.

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1. Even in the darkest days, you can find the sun.
2. What we crave most is to fully give our expression away.
3. Everything is in the field. Everything is done. It’s all available
4. Your ego craves certainty. Your soul wants the unknown. It’s amazing how good it feels to let go of control. You can just trust reality to come in and support you.
5. It’s just a matter of being a match for it. The universe, the infinite, decides how to line you up with it. The work is getting out of the mind, out of the doing, and connecting with the soul.
6. Gd knows your address, not you. That’s not your job. Your job is to be available for your highest and best alignment – and go do your thing.
7. When you see someone standing in their greatness, fully aligned – it’s not for them. They are an ambassador in that moment on behalf of the collective. There’s just one of us, just one world.
8. Stop standing by the river, asking the best way to catch the current. Just jump in and go.
9. What you have inside of you is an ocean, not a thimble. Set down the thimble, open the infinite well, and invite the world to drink from it.

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