How We Can Change the World – Powerful Moments from My Retreat


How can you get your excuses out of the way and change the world? Cathy shares some magical moments from her retreat last week, including a talk about how to give yourself permission to feel good, stay in the flow and get out of ego. Then Wowmeem founder Taqdees Razzaq tells her inspiring story of tripling her monthly income through resourcefulness and generosity, and becoming a conduit for abundance.

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  1. The beauty of the human experience is the contrast of all our feelings.
  2. Our most prized possession and treasure is our vibe. It’s a skeleton key that opens the door.
  3. When you start feeling bad, you become the leader. Teach your nervous system that it’s safe here. You can let go of this.
  4. Why wait for your environment to give you a sense of connection when you can give it to yourself? We’re already connected.
  5. Gd knows your address all the time. Wherever you are is the perfect time and perfect place.
  6. Your dreams are much closer than you think.
  7. The only resource you need is your resourcefulness.
  8. You want to change the world? Then stop sitting around and go make as much f-ing money as you can.
  9. We all speak different languages, have different faiths, have different roads – but look at the congruence among all of us. We breathe the same air. Our hearts beat the same way. We’re all the sacred. Together we are paradise without borders, just bridges among each other.

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