How to Find Ultimate Happiness with Rupert Spira 


How can we tap into the peace and happiness that resides in our being? Rupert Spira, acclaimed author, spiritual teacher and leader, and podcast host went on a quest at a young age to explore the nature of being, our relationship with the world, and the path to truth. He shares what he’s discovered over the decades, including how to come back home to yourself, how to focus on the “I am” when you’re feeling distressed or down, how to practice the highest form of meditation, why our ego is so afraid of joy, and how to find ultimate happiness.

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1. The nature of your being is happiness and peace.
2. Home is not a mysterious place in ourselves that’s difficult to access. It’s just our being that lies just behind the content of our experience.
3. “I am” is the place of peace within us, the place where happiness resides.
4. Love is the recognition of our shared being.
5. Meditation isn’t something we do. It’s something we are. It’s not about adding something to us. The ultimate meditation is simply to be.
6. What we essentially are is that part of us that always remains. We don’t need to come back to our being. We just need to notice it.
7. True creativity never comes from the ego.
8. All that’s necessary is to let go of all the qualities that are derived from our thoughts, our feelings, our relationships. Because what defines us is just our pure being.

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