Denise Duffield-Thomas on How to Change Limiting Money Beliefs, Create Abundance & Prosper in Business and Life


How can you push through your money blocks that sabotage you from an abundant life? Denise Duffield-Thomas, money mindset mentor and bestselling author is on a mission to help online entrepreneurs overcome their limiting beliefs about wealth and thrive through her chill & prosper approach. She teaches you how to revolutionize your money mindset, grow your business with the path of least resistance, define your first class life without fear of judgment, and build outrageous abundance and success on your terms.

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1. A first class life is different for everybody. You’re allowed to choose what feels good to you.
2. You can’t serve anyone when you’re running on empty.
3. Your abundance has nothing to do with what you’re doing. It’s your vibrational match. Period.
4. Share what you know. Make offers
5. There’s so many choices you can make, and only you can make them. There are no rules about it. It’s about finding the path of least resistance to you.
6. You don’t have to be the source for your customers. You don’t have to earn money with blood sweat and tears. Just invite them into the space. They already have the answers inside.
7. Practice receiving in small ways.
8. Remind yourself, “I serve, I deserve.”

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