BossBabe’s Danielle Canty on How to Grow a Community of Millions & Be Unapologetically Ambitious


How can you be unapologetically ambitious and go for what you want? Danielle Canty, cofounder and President of Bossbabe, serial entrepreneur, mentor, investor, and podcast host was in the chiropractic industry when she realized something was still missing, and she was the one holding herself back. In just a few months, she entered the world of online business and soon found herself with millions in her community and millions in her bank account. She shares how to stop getting in your own way from abundance, how to make the sale, how to use her MBA method to create engaging content that’ll grow your audience, why more women need to make more money, and how to help other women rise by celebrating your wins.

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1. Be unapologetically ambitious.
2. Raise your hand and lead. You have no more excuses. The time is up.
3. If you believe what you sell will help someone’s life, then ask for the sale. You’re doing a disservice by not telling them about it.
4. The more money you make, the better you can leave this world.
5. Your ability to build a business is your ability to fail more than the next person.
6. Be the positive charge for everyone. They’ll either start raising their own frequency to be close to you or they’ll start pulling away, and that’s okay.
7. We can change whoever we are.
8. You get to unapologetically celebrate yourself. You all freaking deserve to create and live on this earth in the way that you want to.

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