Alicia Silverstone on How to Lead a Kind Life, Find Self Worth & Heal the World


How can being kinder to ourselves lead to incredible change? Alicia Silverstone, co-creator of Mykind Organics, actress, NYT bestselling author, and podcast host was catching fame and success in her acting career, but she really discovered her self worth when she began to follow her passion for helping animals. She shares how to settle your mind in times of anxiety and overwhelm, what it was like working on Clueless, how to become a warrior of change, and how we can heal ourselves to live in our highest vibration.

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1. There are things in the world that need to be fixed. You have it in your bones to be a part of the solution.
2. We are responsible for what happens in the world. Every action we take has so much power. You can make a choice today that can lead to kindness and change.
3. You don’t have to do it perfectly. It’s okay to keep falling off as long as you keep getting back up.
4. When we feed and fuel ourselves with goodness, our mood, health, relationships, and awareness will be different. Everything becomes so high vibration that you’ll have the life you’re destined to have.
5. The change you want to see has to start with you. If you care, you have to go inside and ask yourself, “What can I do here?”
6. When you’re feeling anxious and panicked, go quiet. This feeling will pass.
7. We’re the radio, not the song
8. You meet Gd in the present moment. All the juice and coherence is in the present moment.

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