Wil Wheaton on Finding His Voice & Being Still Just A Geek


How can you create a sense of safety and unconditional love for your inner kid? Wil Wheaton, writer, NYT bestselling author, producer, and actor (Stand By Me, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Big Bang Theory) grew up as a childhood star on screen, but no one knew the emotional abuse he was suffering at home. He shares how he’s been healing from the trauma of his past, how to stand up for yourself against the negative voices, how to find meaning and joy in the process of doing the creative work, and how becoming the person you need will make you the person that someone else needs.

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1. All the threads have to weave together, even the really painful ones. It’s all part of the tapestry.
2. No single thing in our lives absolutely defines us. Every single one of us has the fundamental right to make mistakes, grow from the lesson, and have the opportunity to find and realize our individual truths.
3. Your dreams might change as you move through life. It’s not a defect. It’s a feature of being human. Be gentle with yourself.
4. It’s not about how many houses or records you sell. The joy comes from the process of making the work.
5. Tell your inner child, “You’re super safe now, buddy.” Stand up for yourself in the way you couldn’t do back then. You no longer have to participate in being silent or playing small.
6. Be the person you need in the world. When you do that, you become the person someone else needs.
7. When you take away the artificial ideas that separate us, we’re not really that different. We’re all the same.
8. We are so small. Everything is so fragile and temporary. So why would we spend any of this time doing anything other than pursuing joy, putting art in the world, and making this time meaningful and memorable and doing great things? This is a gift. Life is too short to be Voldemort.

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