Rabbi David Aaron on How to Love Your Ego, Create Divine Gold & Clarify Your Mission in Life


How can you stop fighting your ego and recognize it as a blessing for your growth? Rabbi David Aaron, spiritual visionary, master educator, author is back for another enlightening conversation about how to feel good, align with your purpose, make courageous choices, find happiness in sad moments, and change the world with a little step of kindness.

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1. We’re here to do good. So ask yourself, “What problem would I want to solve in this world?” That will help you tune into a good part of your mission in life.
2. When you give pain a purpose, you turn it into power. You turn it into growth.
3. You are the manifestation. You’re the better part of Gd and Gd is in awe of us. When you look challenges in the face, you don’t do what you feel like doing, you don’t go into the automatic but you do something very bold, and you choose to courageously say what you need to say – that’s when you embody divinity. You just did something that’s divine gold.
4. Your ego it’s not your enemy. It’s your friend trying to help you jump higher, be stronger, be more courageous, learn to say no. Your ego is there to make you a hero.
5. We’ve come to this world to make courageous choices. And your biggest choice in life is how you’re interpreting your situation, is what you choose to believe, and owning your choices. Take responsibility for what you believe because what you believe determines the quality of your life.
6. We’re most alive when we’re in service.
7. Go for the smallest deal you can make of kindness. You change the world by adding a little good. Great things happen through small steps.
8. Say to yourself every day, “I give myself permission to celebrate and feel happy.” Life isn’t perfect. But you can fill it with perfect moments. Savor that moment, and be in that moment.

Thank you so much for listening!

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