How to Give Yourself Permission to Receive Abundance + Ramy Brook on Empowering Women to Feel Sexy, Happy & Strong


What opportunities can arrive when you put yourself out there and start making connections? Cathy shares a coaching call with Michele, who shares how tiny shifts created huge changes, and she’s finally stepping into a place of receiving abundance and expansion. Then you’ll hear from fashion designer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Ramy Brook about how she built a beloved clothing brand in her 40s with no formal fashion degree, how to reclaim your femininity and sexiness, and how we can empower women to feel like their best self.

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1. Surrender isn’t about giving up. It’s about letting go of what no longer serves you.
2. The shifts might be small, but they make big things happen.
3. There is no you. It’s you and me. It’s us.
4. If you’re caught in the subconscious, go into love. There’s no room for the ego when you’re busy going into love.
5. You’ve been preparing to be you your entire life.
6. If you’re going through a rough time, ride the wave. Sometimes you need to go through the pain to realize that it wasn’t for naught and something else is waiting for you on the other side.
7. Sexy, happy, strong. You’re your best self when you’re feeling good.
8. Buy value, not price.
9. Don’t beat yourself up for the things that don’t go your way. Focus on your own vision and what you can do right, instead of worrying about everybody else around you.
10. Lead by example.

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