How to Deal with Negative Voices & False Beliefs About Abundance


How can you turn around your limiting thoughts about wealth and abundance? Cathy coaches Monica, who has done lots of work around her ego and money mindset, but recently heard that voice that said, “Nope, abundance isn’t for you. You’ll have to sacrifice what you already have.” You’ll find out how to remove those blocks, how to be in a state of allowing and receivership, why now is the time for women to stop playing small, how to sell an energetic exchange, and how to be a conductor for love, energy and connection.

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  1. There’s no separation between one and another. There’s only one collective, one swirl of energy that’s consistently and constantly loving everything into life in a perfect geometric symphony. Energy just is.
  2. Money is a tool to keep the current going.
  3. The more you allow abundance into your ecosystem, the more abundance you create.
  4. Our job every day is to set down our ego, turn on the lightning rod, and be in the state of soul. We’re here to conduct love, conduct energy, conduct connection.
  5. We only experience what we have when we give it away.
  6. Time is up for women to hesitate for one more second. The world can’t really survive this one more day. We can’t afford it anymore.
  7. The feminine does its highest level of work in full receivership. In full receivership, we create the greatest thing ever to happen in the world, which is life.
  8. We want to be a whole vibe. You’re selling the energetic exchange. The more you’re a stand in this place, the more you will be magnet for this to come toward you.

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