Gabby Reece on Building a Healthier Life, a Happier Marriage & Owning Your Feminine Power


How can you find the power in who you are? Gabby Reece, former pro volleyball player, model, health and fitness leader, podcaster, speaker, and NYT bestselling author stopped trying to fit in when it was clear that at 6’3″ she would always stand out. She helps you release the old survival stories and reactions that don’t serve you anymore, take ownership in the vibration you send into the world, harness the power of breathing for a healthier life, and navigate the feminine and masculine energies so you can make a bigger contribution.

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1. That old survival story and reaction aren’t necessary anymore. You don’t have to keep them alive.
2. Take ownership of who you are and who you’re trying to become. The power is in how you feel about yourself.
3. Wake up each day, do your best and see what happens.
4. In the end, it’s our friends, family, and a form of faith that makes us truly happy.
5. Instead of reacting to things that aren’t happening, spend your time in the moment and enjoy it.
6. If we can get to the core of who we are and how important we are, we can start taking care of that person. If we don’t love ourselves and realize the precious commodity that health is, it’s hard to sustain it.
7. A little selfishness can be good. You need to put yourself as high as you can so you can be fully here.
8. We don’t have to forgo love and our feminine energy to go after what we want. If we can juggle the two energies, we contribute so much more to the worlds we live in.

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