Danielle LaPorte on How to Be Loving & Open the Portal to Your Higher Consciousness


How can you unlock the door to your vast consciousness of love for yourself and others? Danielle LaPorte, bestselling author, entrepreneur, speaker, and blogger is back to guide you through the biggest lessons from her upcoming book, How to Be Loving. She teaches you how to find out what your inner child needs, how to place loving boundaries on negative people, how to make the most of the powerful tool that is your heart, and how to enter the infinity loop of giving and receiving.

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  1. Love is our calling. To be loving in all that we do is to be successful.
  2. If you do your best no matter what, your soul will direct your course. Bake the vision with love.
  3. We feel better when we’re generous because that’s our natural self. Your true self is generous and forgiving. The default of the heart is always going to say “It’s okay”. This is all part of the infinity loop – to give is to receive.
  4. You don’t earn love. You are love. You are a ray of light in the light that is.
  5. Focus on healing yourself and you’ll heal the world. Accept yourself. That’s the most direct route to making the world a better place.
  6. Engage with the voice in the basement. Put one hand on your belly, the other hand on your heart, and ask your inner child, “How can I support you? What do you need?” Sometimes the answer is more simple than you’d think.
  7. Success is the quality of the journey. Everybody starts somewhere – and it has to be today.
  8. You are vast consciousness. You are the sky. The events in your life are the clouds that you can blow away. The clouds don’t crush the sky. The events of your life won’t destroy you. You’re bigger than them. You can love on them and forgive.

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