Christina Perri on Manifesting Dreams & the Shades of Blue That Led to Her New Album


How can you manifest your vision and bring it to life? Christina Perri, multi-platinum singer songwriter (Jar of Hearts, A Thousand Years) never imagined she’d ever be singing and performing on stages, until one magical night when her friend Keltie made her write down The Ten, a list of their dreams for the new year. Within that year, Christina’s dreams came true and her life changed. She shares how to move out of the way so the universe can let the magic flow through you, how she turned her journey of grief and healing into her new album “a lighter shade of blue,” and how to accept who you are so you can fully shine.

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1. Show up. Say yes.
2. Move out the way. Don’t overthink it. It is supposed to be you.
3. Continue to reach for the bright side.
4. You don’t have to do this alone. It’s okay to ask for help
5. We can give tragic and traumatic things a purpose.
6. Your story is magical. You are Tinkerbell. You’re so much brighter than you think.
7. Let yourself not know. Let yourself be insecure. Stop trying to not be who you are. Accept yourself. When you stop fighting it, stop trying to be someone else, that’s when the magic comes right through you – and you will shine.

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