Amy Purdy on Creating Possibilities & Stepping into the Unknown


How can surrendering to resistance lead you who you’re meant to be? Amy Purdy, 3-time Paralympic medalist, NYT bestselling author, speaker, podcast host, and cofounder of Adaptive Action Sports is back to share how to create miracles by leaning into your fear and stepping into the unknown, turn the impossible into abundant possibilities, honor yourself without shame or judgment, and let go of all the ways things “should” be so you can be your best self.

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1. It all goes back to source, to who you are. You can have your world stripped away from you, but at the end of the day it’s about who you are.
2. When you follow what lights you up, the possibilities where that can take you are endless.
3. There’s so much room to be anything you want to be. Anything is possible. There are no rules. You can design a life that is out of this world.
4. The fear will always be there. It’s about addressing it, leaning into it, understanding it, learning from it and being able to move forward with it.
5. Once you surrender, things figure themselves out. Stop trying to swim upstream. Allow and lean into the direction the stream is taking us. Let the world take you where the path opens up.
6. Appreciate your body. It’s made to survive. It’s a miracle.
7. It’s okay to just freaking be. Let things fall into place. Honor yourself. When you take the pressure off, you are your best self.

Thank you so much for listening!

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