Lisa Bilyeu on Radical Confidence, Building a Billion Dollar Empire & What Makes a Healthy Marriage


How can you overcome your doubts and insecurities to show up for your mission? Lisa Bilyeu, cofounder of Quest Nutrition, Impact Theory, author, and founder and host of Women of Impact was a stay at home wife for 8 years, until she realized that compromising her dreams wasn’t serving her or her husband. They pivoted, grew a billion dollar company together, and now she’s made it her mission to empower people to become the hero of their own lives. She shares how you can summon radical confidence, how her 20+ year marriage has survived being in business together, how to change your mindset to take back power over the seemingly impossible, why you should approach every day like it’s day one, and why showing up for the mission should always be your #1 reason for being in this journey.

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1. Radical confidence is believing in yourself to get back up when you fall, and knowing that with enough time, commitment, and effort you’ll figure it out.
2. Success isn’t guaranteed, so you better freaking love the journey.
3. Be willing to go in as the student and learner. Be humble and soak in as many lessons as you possibly can.
4. Decide on what type of tennis game you’re playing. You’re in a game of doubles, on the same side of the net. You have each other’s back. You’re not competing against each other. Set your partner up to win.
5. When there’s a problem, don’t judge it. Recognize it needs a solution and find the solution.
6. Instead of thinking you’re incapable or it’s impossible, change your mindset to “I’ve chosen not to.” Take your power back, take full ownership, and be the hero of your own life.
7. It’s not about making tons of money or winning the award. It’s about showing up for the mission.
8. Treat every day like your day one. Look inside yourself and ask, “Did I grow today? Did I do better today and show up today?” Create the internal validation so no matter what the results are, you can be proud that you showed up.

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