Julie Solomon on How to Get What You Want


How can you open your eyes to what’s really possible? Julie Solomon, speaker, branding expert, business coach, podcast host, and author is back on the podcast to share the major lessons from her new book Get What You Want, including the 3 A’s that changed her life, how to set boundaries and stop assuming responsibility for other people’s results, what makes a successful pitch, how to accept and love all the parts of you, how to find your purpose, and how to give yourself permission to make the most out of this one life.

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1. We are worthy to get what we want. There’s no shame in it. Now is the time to claim it. It’s not a dress rehearsal, this is life. Don’t waste it.
2. Love begins with you.
3. Acceptance allows us to come to grips with the notion that there’s a problem that’s part of you and no longer fits. It’s your job and your job only to remove it. You’re responsible for it because it began with you and you can choose to end it with you
4. No matter what you want to do, you have to start learning and walking the path behind someone who has done exactly what you’re trying to do.
5. Don’t assume responsibility for other people’s success or happiness. You can express your own happiness and that is enough. It might give someone else hope or the strength to do the same, but it’s not your responsibility to do that for them.
6. Your why has to be greater than any excuse you’ll have.
7. Allow your passions to grow and evolve with you.

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