Natasha Hemmingway on How to Sell with Heart & the 3 Pillars to Successful Sales


How can you reach your sales goals with ease and grace, and sell with authenticity? Natasha Hemmingway, sales coach, consultant, speaker, and creator of Heart Not Hustle had to put faith into action to discover where her strengths and passions could best serve the world. She shares how to reframe your fears and scarcity mindset with sales, what are the 3 sales pillars to success, why receiving payment is a win-win for everyone, how to call up your potential client when they don’t feel ready to buy, and how to be a champion for your offer.

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1. Surrender. Release to receive. It requires faith in action.
2. When you’re selling, you’re really serving.
3. Receiving money from your client elevates both you and them, because they’re receiving back that gift. It’s an exchange.
4. It all starts with mindset. We don’t do anything absent from our mindset.
5. Meaningful success is creating and cultivating what matters to you most and brings you purpose and joy.
6. The first thing you tell your clients is “I need your best yes. Because I’m going to give you my best yes”. When you call them up, they finally have permission to say yes to themselves. If you don’t lead people, you’re leaving them.
7. Be your own champion for your product or service and your passion behind it. Open the doors for people to see it, and then watch that thing fly.

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