Morgan Harper Nichols on Growing an Audience of 2 Million with Radical Generosity


How can you build a huge audience of millions from a place of generosity and a genuine heart? Morgan Harper Nichols, author, artist, poet, and musician is back to share the core discoveries from her newest book, Peace is a Practice. She also shares what makes content go viral, how being specific leads to the universal, what opportunities open when you let go of your ego, how to find peace even in uncertain and challenging times.

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1. It’s not your fault.
2. Connect to one person at a time. At the end of the day you’re just two human beings standing in front of each other.
3. When you get super specific, it becomes universal. It will expand and grow.
4. Share from a genuine place. People can sense when they’re not being marketed to. They can sense when someone is being human with them.
5. Find some part of what you do that you can be radically generous about.
6. Let go. Stay in a posture of being open to other ideas. Trust that other people can help you cross the finish line.
7. Inhale good things to stay encouraged and inspired. Increase the positive input and stay in that zone.

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