Jereshia Hawk on How to Open Up to Abundance & Claim Your Calling


What steps and mindset will lead you to a wealthy life? Jereshia Hawk, marketing and sales coach, left an engineering job she loved to follow her spiritual assignment of helping other coaches build their net worth. She shares how you can open up to abundance from a place of humility, get out of your resistance around selling, stop seeking approval, refine your offer, and align with the mission you’ve been called to do.
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1. We’re all trust fund babies of the spiritual kingdom. We serve an abundant Gd. The world is insanely abundant.
2. You are a vessel, an ambassador who was sent here to fulfill a mission. Your only job is to act in alignment with whatever you’ve been obediently instructed to do.
3. Listen to your first mind.
4. Your offer is a blessing to someone else’s desire.
5. People aren’t paying for your perfection. They’re paying for your perspective.
6. There’s always a choice. Will you be obedient to your comfort zone or to what your future self is calling you to do?
7. We go through seasons of callings. You can have thousands of callings in your lifetime.
8. Bet on you. Show up for you. Show up for your calling and what you’re obediently called to do.


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