How to Build the Future You Can’t Stop Dreaming About


How can we start creating the future we desire? Cathy shares an enlightening talk about how to turn your dial to a new station of potential and possibility, get rid of the lies that keep you stuck, help your customer become the hero of their journey, scale your business, and become a conduit for abundance.

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1. The greatest gift you can give to another person is being that example of alignment.
2. We get to be a catalyst for the highest level frequency that exists. You can be the portal for something that’s expansive, that’s alive.
3. Your worth is equal to all the worth of the universe, which is infinite.
4. You scale your business by being visible and calling people forward.
5. Once and for all, it’s time to completely calibrate to a totally different station, the station called the station of your potential and the vortex of the actual world.
6. The real ROI is the people who will breathe different oxygen because you showed up.
7. Ask yourself “How does my future feel?” It’s time to start living that future today.


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