Dr. Eben Alexander’s Near Death Experience & What It Reveals About Our Shared Consciousness


What can near death experiences teach us about our consciousness and universal connectedness? Dr. Eben Alexander, academic neurosurgeon and NYT bestselling author was given a 2% chance of survival during his 7 day coma from bacterial meningitis – but he fought for his life and miraculously came back to tell what happened when he was in that other realm. He shares what he learned in his NDE about our shared sense of oneness, how we can live beyond the 3D while we’re in this physical world, what happens when we pass into the afterlife, how to separate from the ego voice in your head, and how we can tap into our ability to heal, our wholeness, and our higher soul.

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1. You are deeply cherished and loved forever. You have nothing to fear. You are cared for. You can do no wrong.
2. The more we tend towards peace, love, kindness, mercy, and acceptance, the more naturally our lives unfold in a positive direction.
3. Spirituality involves a sense of oneness, a connectedness with others. It’s a shared sense of purpose, of meaning in our lives. We’re all in this together.
4. Creativity isn’t following the breadcrumbs from the little voice in our head, but opening our minds to the great creative potential from the universe.
5. We have the ability to get in touch with our higher soul and into wholeness. We have our own power to heal.
6. Our loved ones are there to welcome us when we pass over. No one ever dies alone.
7. Acknowledge that the ego voice in your head is not who you are. Be aware of it. Awareness is a tremendous clue to the reality of who you are, but you’re not identical to your thoughts.
8. The universe exists for us to come into deeper understanding with our relationship to the universe and its overall purpose and meaning. That is the gift of awareness.

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