Kindra Hall’s 4 Steps to Choose Your Story & Change Your Life


How can your inner narratives help you overcome your limiting beliefs? Kindra Hall, Chief Storytelling Officer at Success Magazine, bestselling author, and speaker has always had a fascination for storytelling and how it can elevate your business and your life. She shares how to use her 4 step methodology to install new stories that serve you, why it’s important to celebrate your wins, how to communicate a story that sticks with your audience, and how you can deal with impostor syndrome by finding evidence of your success.

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1. Change has to start within you.
2. You’ve been enough your entire life
3. The best thing you can do is do you and be you. Remind yourself of the stories when being you has been the best thing for you. Choose those stories.
4. Use your highlight reel as fuel. Celebrate your wins.
5. People want to do business with people, not with businesses.
6. You don’t have just one story. We all have a variety of points along our journey where we discover what we’re meant to be doing, find our passion, iterate, and change. You are allowed to have many stories.
7. Catch your stories in the act, analyze and understand where they’re coming from, and then retell yourself the stories that serve you. The final act of changing the default makes the difference.


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