How Andy Grammer Went From A Street Performer To A Pop Sensation


How can you be resilient and keep fighting to reach a place of flow? Andy Grammer, multi-platinum selling pop artist, singer songwriter, record producer was inspired to write his hit song Keep Your Head Up after being an ignored street performer for years. He shares how to keep fuel in the tank as you walk through the early stages of fuzziness and rejection, how the universe hands you magic once you show up for your assignment, how to get over perfectionism, what inspired his new single and tour to be centered around joy, and how to perform the highest art form of being seen for who you are.

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1. What’s your gas? While you’re proclaiming what you want to the universe, you need fuel in your tank to walk through the fuzziness and rejection.
2. It’s about allegiance to doing over any sort of perfection. Swing for the fences.
3. Follow the inkling, follow the whisper. And then start doing it like crazy. The world will tell you what’s working. Follow it with immense action.
4. You have to fight to reach the place in life when you’re in the flow.
5. The underpinning of joy is self love. Joy is gladness not based on circumstance. That means it comes from you.
6. You don’t have to try to be anything. When you’re just yourself, that’s better than anything you could ever imagine. Being seen for who you are is the most wonderful, highest art form.
7. Chase your dream, chase your purpose. It’s what makes the world happy.

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