Helping a Great Woman Get Unstuck & Realize She Already Has What It Takes


How can you be free from negative beliefs that hold you back from who you truly are? Cathy shares a coaching call where she helps Carmina, a health coach who has learned all the how-to’s, but still can’t get out of her head. Find out how to make the offer when you don’t feel qualified, why knowing the steps is only 2% of the work, how to access your internal pharmacy, and how to get into energetic alignment so you can build the life you desire just by being you.

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1. The steps are only 2% of the work. The other 98% is getting out of your ego.
2. When you create space, you create awareness and feel the feelings. You can access the internal pharmacy in your body.
3. Having money gives you freedom to get creative and help solve the problems in the world that you care about most.
4. No amount of action can compensate for misalignment.
5. People buy from you because of your energy, not because of what you look like.
6. The I am is the water through the faucet, the energy of your conscientiousness.
7. Be the example of the people in your life who call you forward.
8. You’re not here for your own sake. You have so many people who need you here exactly as you are.


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