Deepak Chopra on Abundance & the Inner Path to Wealth


How can you allow in the infinite joy and abundance that’s available to you? Deepak Chopra, founder of The Chopra Foundation and Chopra Global, NYT bestselling author, and leader in integrative medicine and personal transformation has dedicated his life to help people tap into their true power and wholeness. He shares the greatest lessons from his book Abundance, including how to connect to the abundance of the universe, generate more fulfillment in your life, step into the identity of “I am,” and cultivate joy by knowing who you are.

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1. Fulfillment comes when you have meaning and purpose in your life. It comes when you know how to make other people happy by giving them your attention, affection, appreciation and acceptance.
2. Start from joy. If that’s the end goal, why not make it the first goal?
3. Your identity is I am. It’s pure joy, wonder, curiosity, bliss.
4. Press the pause button before you react. Observe your reaction. The highest human intelligence is the ability to observe yourself without judgment.
5. When you look at nature, one seed is the promise of forests. Abundance is wherever you look in nature.
6. Your body tracks the movement of stars and planets. Your biological rhythms are the symphony of the whole universe. The ultimate example of the abundance of the entire universe is in every cell in your body.
7. We are a unified body, mind, spirit, universe experience, all to one end – joy.
8. Your ultimate purpose is to know who you are. Who you are is the infinite pretending to be a person. And that is the most joyous thing that can be experienced.


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