Brit Morin on How to Find Your Business Idea & Scale With One Customer


How can you get clarity on what kind of business you want to create? Brit Morin, founder and CEO of Brit + Co, investor, and author comes back to share the basics of building and growing a business, like how to identify your idea, test it in the marketplace, expand your audience by serving one customer, create a scrappy brand, and find the confidence and belief in what you’re selling.

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1. Each of us has a purpose in this world. It doesn’t have to be a surprise. It’s something already inside of us. Follow the breadcrumbs dropped on the path that points you towards your north star.
2. Test and learn, test and learn.
3. Start with one. If you have one person obsessed with what you do, serve them all the way. Make it so good they have to tell another person.
4. The easiest, quickest way to tell someone what you do is, “Problem. Solution. Why me.”
5. Start with a scrappy brand. Most of the time your idea today will be completely different in 10 years from now. Pick something that can evolve with you.
6. Genuinely be the most excited person about your offer. Believe in your passion. Believe in the gift you’re giving.
7. When you dream that big and believe it, you will believe in the transformation you can create in the world and you will exude that into others.
8. Quiet the negative voices and expand the voice that says “We can.”


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