Ben Rector on Becoming Magnetic & The Joy of Music


How can you raise your magnetic energy and attract opportunities? Ben Rector, Billboard charting singer songwriter, musician, and record producer didn’t wait for the big music labels to give him the keys to produce his music. Instead he embraced his true self and went on to make hit records on his own. He shares how to find peace with fear, how he got Snoop Dogg to collaborate on his new album The Joy of Music, how to steer your own ship, and how to work on your magnetism so you can pull all the stardust and asteroids of possibility into your world.

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1. Take one little step after another.
2. There’s all sorts of roads to following and chasing your dreams.
3. You can’t turn fear off, so learn how to coexist and find peace with it. It’s a constant practice.
4. Steer your own ship. Take your sailboat out and chart your own course.
5. Use all of your energy to become the most magnetic you can. Raise your magnetism score, even if it’s just a tenth of a point at every chance you get. When you’re magnetic, you’ll attract all kinds of space dust and asteroids of opportunity.
6. You don’t have to try and play the cool kid card. You can be you and do the things you enjoy.

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