Tig Notaro on How Passion, Integrity & Vulnerability Turned Her into a Standup Comedy Sensation


How can your authenticity and vulnerability open a door to connection? Tig Notaro, Grammy and Emmy nominated standup comedian, NYT bestselling author, writer, and podcaster took a chance to be honest in her standup when she had dealt with just a few months of grief and cancer – and it made her audience love her even more. She shares how to stay grounded with your integrity, wake yourself up from falling into old habits, and stop comparing yourself so you can focus on doing the thing you love for yourself.

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1. Start by belonging to yourself.
2. Your people connect with you even more when you’re vulnerable and real.
3. Wake yourself up from the old patterns.
4. Keep seeking growth. You have to keep moving.
5. Don’t get stuck in comparison. Just do your thing. You’re playing a different game.
6. Take a few minutes each day to get centered. The practice itself allows for more time.
7. You’re not doing this to be better than someone else. You’re doing this for yourself.

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