Mike Dooley on How to Step into Infinite Possibilities & Turn Thoughts into Things


How can you access the infinite possibilities you were born to have? Mike Dooley, NYT bestselling author, metaphysical teacher, creator of Notes from the Universe, and cofounder of Tut was always curious about the meaning of life – and his big questions attracted him to big answers. He shares how pattern interrupt can direct you towards the life you desire, how our thoughts become things, and how to allow yourself to access the divine, eternal energy that’s already inside of you.

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1. When you ask big questions, you attract big answers.
2. Gd most wants to be you. Gd’s will is to be you. We have been given the gift of the gods. The baton has been passed. Our thoughts become things, our words give us wings. Let’s see what happens in this love game where everything is here for you.
3. Your niche is you. You are the priceless window into reality, into creation that has never existed before. You’re already enough. All you need to know is that it’s you.
4. In your mind, go to your desired end result once a day. Feel the emotions you enjoy. Don’t micromanage the how’s, who’s, when’s or where’s. Start making baby steps and find the little inroads to demonstrate to your inner witness that this is happening.
5. We are of the divine, by the divine, we are pure divine. We are Gd come alive. We are born to thrive.
6. We live in a non-neutral universe. The deck is so stacked it’s like cheating. You have elements of angels and guardians and galore. No matter what happens, it’s in the heart of Gd. You’re going to win.
7. It’s not a sin to be happy, abundant, rich, or decadent. We’re in a system where there’s no waste. There’s eternal energy.
8. Pay homage to the image in your mind of the experience you desire. Choose the behavior every day that honors that image. For every baby step you take, the universe takes 10,000. You don’t see the miracles until after you arrive. Hold onto the vision.

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