Gabby Bernstein on How to Heal & Have Happy Days


How can you deal with grief and reconnect with your inner peace? Gabby Bernstein, #1 NYT bestselling author and spiritual teacher returns for a special conversation about what we can learn from her new book, Happy Days. She shares how you can free your inner child from past traumas, move through pain with love and grace, lean into moments of light during tough times, and return to who you are.

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1. Grief comes in moments. The work is to be fully present in the moment with the grief. Going through grief with grace means you have bravery to touch into it and then come out.
2. Souls make a commitment to come in and experience whatever we need so we can have our spiritual assignment.
3. Give yourself the voice to honor, care for, love and respect your inner child so you can move through harder moments with faith and grace.
4. Undoing traumas happens through connection to light within you, connection with self, connection with the higher power of your own understanding.
5. In each of us is a Self, a presence of love, compassion, courage, curiosity, creativity, and calmness. When you get direct access to presence, it becomes an internal parent who is always there to care for every part of who you are.
6. It’s not about finding who you are, but it’s about returning to who you are.
7. All parts of yourself are valuable. They all have an important service. When they’re not in their extreme roles, they can be a force for real good.
8. You can go through really tough things and still have fun along the way. As you go through the journey, open your capacity to have fun and lean into the moments of light.


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