Alex Elle on Self Love, Boundaries & Breaking the Cycle of Trauma


How can you hold yourself up when life feels heavy? Alex Elle, author, breathwork coach, teacher, storyteller, and healing facilitator knew she didn’t want to carry the narrative of trauma and brokenness into her future. When she found the power of writing to heal, she made it her mission to help others bring this practice into their lives. She shares how we can live through the painful moments, how to stand by your boundaries, and how to tap into your inner safety through self love. for more info on Alex’s courses and residency
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1. Trauma doesn’t have to be your resting place. You don’t have to carry the narrative of brokenness. You can heal yourself.
2. Honor your intuition and trust it. If something makes you feel peaceful and good, explore that. The inner voice teaches us when we lean in and listen.
3. Choose to do something differently. That’s how we call in our power.
4. How do we live through the things that feel like they’ll break us and hurt us? We make a choice to get up another day.
5. Self love is choosing to hold yourself even when times in life are heavy, when you feel like you don’t want to go on. It’s sitting with yourself and saying, “You’re safe here.” It’s demonstrating your inner safety and the ability to protect your heart.
6. Boundaries are needed so you can save yourself and your relationships. If you’re nothing to yourself, you can’t be anything to others. Be honest about your capacity. It’s okay to choose yourself.
7. It’s a blessing to not be everything for everyone. When we stop trying to please everyone, we step deeper into our truth and our true self.
8. People resonate when you show up as your true, authentic self. You don’t need to be anyone else. You can just be you.

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