How to Make 2022 an Extraordinary Year


How can you make your heart happy this year? People often won’t even consider what they desire most because they are convinced it’s not a practical way to live your life. So many people look back and regret not being bolder, not having more fun, not taking more adventures, not being true to themselves. Cathy helps you stop living the way you think people want you to, and instead, seize the best years of your life and give yourself full permission to enjoy them.

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1. This year, take some moonshots. Your only job is to dream as big as you can dream.
2. Wealth is an inside job. Happiness is an inside job.
3. The more you receive, the more you can give away.
4. Being in the unpredictable is where you meet Gd. It’s where you find all the expansion and your flow state.
5. You are the creator. You are the mystic.
6. Our job is to tap into our most abundant creative place every day
7. Follow your enthusiasm. Be willing to follow the breadcrumbs and be in the uncertainty. When you put your ego in the backseat, you soar.
8. Abundance flows all around us.

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