An Important Coaching Call About How to Bring in Abundance & Charge More for What You Do


What’s really holding you back from scaling your business and your income? Cathy coaches Jayati, a copy and creative writing coach who wants to grow one side of her business but it’s been a slow trickle of clients. Find out how to step into a frequency where you have the confidence to increase your prices, get clear on what income stream to focus on, and be more generous by giving yourself permission to receive more abundance.

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1. Let go of the outcome.
2. What makes us feel abundant is being able to feel ourselves, to feel totally expressed.
3. Money comes to you depending on how available you are for it.
4. Outflow equals inflow.
5. Loving yourself is not a part time job. It has to happen every day.
6. When you set down the need for scarcity, you offer a greater vibration to the world.
7. You’re okay just as you are. You’re already connected to all the source of abundance.
8. Everything is transmitted. Money, energy, love – it all keeps moving. The more you have, the more you can be generous and give it away.


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