How Jacques Pépin’s Love for Food Became His Legacy


How can your passion for something turn into your legacy? Jacques Pépin, award winning chef, TV host, bestselling cookbook author, and instructor always had a love for food, which led him to work for presidents of France and cohosting television shows with the iconic Julia Child. He shares how cooking can be the purest expression of love, how to find peace with food, what motivates him to keep going throughout the decades of his legendary career, and how to slow down and enjoy the miracles around you.

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1. Lighten up. You don’t have to be so serious.
2. Cooking is the purest expression of love.
3. Sit down and put the phones away. Spend time together around the dinner table.
4. Moderation in moderation.
5. Always stay hungry.
6. Keep adding and adjusting until you reach the right taste. Then send it out.
7. Look at the sky, the birds going by, notice what’s growing. Don’t run. Otherwise you miss the beauty along the road. Walk slowly and notice what’s there.

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