Rachael Ray’s Vulnerable Story of Finding Gratitude & Celebrating the Hero in Every Person


How can you be grateful in times of pain and loss? Rachael Ray, Emmy Award winning TV host, businesswoman, philanthropist, NYT bestselling author, and celebrity cook has always loved connecting people together through food, and when the pandemic hit she made it her mission to create unity when we needed each other most. She shares how we can make the most of every day, how a midnight bowl of spaghetti can bring you back home to yourself, and how to open the door to opportunity by being honest and finding gratitude for where you are.

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1. We are all one. There is only love.
2. Share your truth. When you’re bold enough to be complete with people, they’re bold enough to bring it back.
3. Be grateful for what you already have. You can’t go forward unless you love where you come from. Have love and gratitude for the moment you’re in, show grace to it. When you’re grateful, you’re fearless as to what you can try next.
4. Every day is a blank piece of paper. You get to fill that paper with anything you want, paint it with any colors you want. Live while you’re living. Take a bite out of life itself.
5. We should all see each other as celebrities, as heroes and rock stars.
6. When you’re grateful for work itself and you’re honest with neighbors, when you’re loving and kind to the people standing on either side of you – then opportunity will come to you.
7. Your life is beautiful. It’s not for your vacation or weekend or retirement, it’s every minute of your life, waiting for you. Just look for it and let it in.
8. Plug into that “middle of the night” place. Come back to yourself and find your heart again.

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