Malcolm Gladwell & Bruce Headlam on the Miracle & Wonder of Paul Simon


What makes a human and artist like Paul Simon have such an incredible legacy? Malcolm Gladwell, bestselling author, Revisionist History podcast host, and Pushkin cofounder is back with writer and Broken Record cohost Bruce Headlam to reveal what they discovered about the Grammy award winning singer songwriter during the creation of their audio biography, Miracle and Wonder. They share how Paul Simon has allowed himself to evolve in his six decade career, why it’s important to take risks, what possibilities you can create by following what piques your curiosity, and how to embrace the beauty in ordinariness.

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1. There’s a gift in the resistance. Use that as the driver to keep going, reinvent, and try different things.
2. Connecting with an audience on a consistent basis requires taking risks. Keep trying until you find something that connects.
3. Team up with people who want to experiment as much as you do.
4. All of the world’s cultural offerings are yours to sample. The world is your oyster.
5. There’s a freedom in failure and experimentation.
6. Follow what interests you.
7. Don’t rank your moments. As long as you’re engaged with what you’re doing and enjoying it, then right now is the best time.
8. There’s beauty in the ordinariness.


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