Diego Perez (Yung Pueblo) on Reaching Inner Peace & Freedom Through Meditation


How can you be liberated from the constant battle inside your mind? Diego Perez (aka his pen name Yung Pueblo) is a meditator, poet, writer, and NYT bestselling author who was on a dangerous path of drugs and self destruction. He went on a 10 day Vipassana meditation retreat, and his world changed. He shares how impermanence can help you deal with uncomfortable emotions, what it takes to grow an audience, how to let go of criticism and the outcome, and how to access your inner peace and the goodness that you want to unleash into the world.

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1. Be with the emotion without feeding the fire. Don’t become it. Watch and observe what you’re feeling.
2. Peace itself is built on the embrace of impermanence. There’s never been a storm that lasts forever. This one won’t either.
3. We’re constantly traversing the emotional spectrum. That’s normal. That’s life.
4. Don’t let the metrics tell you what’s good or bad. Just let it be what it is.
5. Let go of the outcome. Just put out things that connect with you that feel important. Let it ride out, let it do its thing.
6. Be consistent. It takes stamina to keep going. Success is not a meteoric rise. Write another piece, keep connecting with yourself, and reflect on what you’re learning in the process.
7. You don’t meditate to be successful. Meditate to build your peace and your freedom so more goodness can flow outward that emerges from within you.
8. There’s already people who don’t like you. Don’t let that stop you from helping those who can get so much from whatever you’re creating.


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