Dan Buettner on How to Live Longer, Healthier & Happier


How can you add more joy, purpose, and years to your life? Dan Buettner, founder of the Blue Zones, NYT bestselling author, National Geographic Fellow, and award-winning journalist set out to solve the mystery of what it takes to live into your 100s, and still have an excitement for life. He shares what kind of diet can help your longevity, how to build a supportive social circle, how to get clear on what you’re meant to do, how a daily practice can reduce stress and inflammation, and how to know when you’re on the right track to your purpose.

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1. Have a daily practice, a daily ritual.
2. Construct your immediate social circle carefully. Have a few close friends who you can call on a bad day, who are there to have meaningful conversations with you.
3. Get clear on your sense of purpose. Ask yourself, “What am I good at? What do I like to do? What are my values?” And then ask, “What could be an outlet for those 3 areas?”
4. Healthy hundred year olds are happier than people in their 20s. They want to wake up the next day alive. So there’s a reason to shoot for 100.
5. Take your wisdom and put it to work in younger generations.
6. When you change your environment, you can succeed at sustaining a healthier, happier lifestyle.
7. Purpose is something you do on a daily basis that you get so enraptured and involved in, that time disappears. If you lose track of time, you got it. You’re on the right track.


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