Brian Baumgartner on How The Office Created a Legacy & Found Beauty in Ordinary Things


What makes art, creative work, and shows like The Office have such a lasting legacy? Brian Baumgartner, Emmy award winning actor, producer, NYT bestselling author, and podcast host wanted to explore The Office phenomenon and discover why it’s still one of the most watched television shows to this day. He shares what behind-the-scenes stories he learned from the cast and crew while writing his book Welcome to Dunder Mifflin, as well as lessons in how to stay true to the work and how to find beauty in a seemingly ordinary world.

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1. It’s just nice to win one. Celebrate the small victories in life.
2. Find the truth and beauty in the mundane world.
3. There’s beauty in ordinary things.
4. Make the bold choice to be authentic.
5. Questioning is more interesting than the answers. Be willing to ask questions. That will inherently open you up.
6. It’s easier to not sell out when you believe the work that you’re doing is good and right.
7. When you want to make something that can affect people, better yourself, and better the world – then it becomes about the work. It’s about being true to yourself.


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