Tanya Dalton on How to Be Productive & Give Yourself Permission to Dream Again


How can you stop waiting for permission and walk towards your ideal future? Tanya Dalton, founder and CEO of inkWELL Press Productivity Co, best-selling author, speaker, business coach, podcaster, and productivity expert grew her company to 7 figures in just 18 months, and knew she could help other women build a fulfilling, successful life without burning themselves out. She shares how to reduce the overwhelm, get clarity on what to prioritize, give yourself freedom to dream, choose joy without shame, and step with confidence into what you are designed to do.

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1. Center in on your north star, your mission, your core values.
2. The vision for the future is tied to those beautiful little seeds we had as children when everything was possible.
3. Productivity isn’t about doing more. It’s about doing what is most important to us.
4. There is joy hidden inside every single day, but we have to choose to see it.
5. Instead of filling your calendar, fill your soul. When you’re happy and take care of yourself, you show up as a better human. It’s not selfish to lean into what you love.
6. You’re at the forefront. Step into intentional leadership. Step into who you are. Step authentically and completely into what you were designed to do.
7. If you’re not failing, putting yourself out there and risking it all, then you’re failing. You’re not giving yourself an opportunity to grow and learn. Give yourself permission to go out there and be perfectly imperfect.
8. We forget our backpack of experiences and knowledge is there because it’s behind us. Unzip it and take a look at all the lessons you’ve accumulated. You really are an expert in a lot of things.


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