Susie Moore on How to Stop Stressing, Start Living & Let it Be Easy


How can you actually enjoy your life? Susie Moore, life coach, author, and advice columnist is back on the show to share the biggest lessons from her new book, Let It Be Easy. She teaches you how to let yourself have fun, what 3 questions to ask yourself when you’re confronting a stressful situation, what makes you qualified, and how to experience less worry and more happiness in the gift that is your life.

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1. No one can do this for you. You have to allow yourself to be happy.
2. The best moments, creative ideas, and inventions happen when you’re having fun.
3. Confidence is the willingness to be uncomfortable doing things you’re not comfortable with immediately. Discomfort is part of growth. Being uncomfortable is expected if you want to do big things.
4. The corner of the world that you touch is entirely up to you. We forget how much power we have. So much is up to us.
5. Most people are pursuing a happy life, but life is a string of happy moments. The joy is now.
6. Your only job is to enjoy yourself.
7. If you’re here and alive, you’re qualified. You qualify yourself by living your life.
8. Your very own presence and experience is the gift. All the lessons we learn and wisdom we acquire is to be given away.


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