Ken Coleman’s 3 Indicators to Get Clarity on Your Purpose


How can you step into work that you love and gives you a sense of purpose? Ken Coleman, bestselling author, host of the nationally syndicated Ken Coleman Show, and career coach at Ramsey Solutions returns with the biggest lessons from his new book, From Paycheck to Purpose. He shares his advice on how you can get clear on your assignment, find the courage to get started on the journey, become the best candidate that other people want to work with, grow your network, and make an income by making an impact.

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1. You’re on purpose when you use what you do best to do work that you love to produce results that matter to you.
2. Saying “I don’t know enough people” is just an excuse. You already know plenty of people to meet the right people. You’re not limited to your personal relationships.
3. Fear and doubt will never go away, but you can keep on moving forward. Embrace the journey.
4. Be adaptable and open to change.
5. We’re not working for us. In the end, it’s about giving ourselves away. It’s about meaning. It’s about seeing that you matter in the lives of others.
6. You are created. That means you have talent and something to offer. You’re here to fill a unique role. You are needed. And you must do it.
7. Don’t let anybody ever take away your somebody-ness.

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