How to Manifest a Million Dollar Life


How can you break through your limitations and call in more abundance? Cathy shares an uplifting talk about how to get your ego out of the way when you sell, create magic through iteration and play, step into the energy you want to emit into the world, and shift into a more expansive full feeling of well being.

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1. The deeper you can hone your energetic, the more value you will emit and more money will flow back. The potency of your energy is what attracts, what people pay for.
2. It’s 90% the vibe and 10% in what you have to do.
3. Are you dancing the dance, or is the dance dancing you? When you let go, the best moves come.
4. Iterate and play. All the liberation is on the other side of just playing.
5. Turn up the love. Turn up the intention to serve, the empathy, the compasion, the passion, the kindness, the space you make, the willingness to learn, to be humble, to be surprised and delighted, and to be willing to fail.
6. Failure is a gift. It gets you closer to the answer key.
7. The real work in becoming who you are is really unbecoming all those layers that just aren’t you, that are in the way of you getting to be you. Then it’s letting yourself find that spotlight and roll out the welcome mat to invite people to be loved by you.
8. Everything is for us. Everything is a gift.


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