How My Student 10x Her Membership & Nearly Quadrupled Her Prices in One Year – Alissa Boyer


How do you start a membership, 10x the amount of members, and almost quadruple the price in just one year? Cathy shares an inspiring conversation with an alumni Alissa Boyer, who always felt she was dimming her light as a highly sensitive empath. She tells you how she was able to break through the fear of making other people uncomfortable, raise her prices with confidence, and grow a community of other HSPs by helping them set boundaries and embrace who they are.

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1. Feel how good it is to know there’s a possibility for you to exchange your gift and energy with the world in exchange for more energy, fulfilment, community, and money coming back, without making it harder than it has to be.
2. Be open to feedback. It’s an opportunity to serve your audience better.
3. Be willing to tolerate all that comes when you open your capacity to receive. You are worthy of the blessing.
4. Lean into discomfort. Just because it’s uncomfortable doesn’t mean you’re doing anything bad or wrong. It means you’re expanding.
5. People don’t buy price. They buy value. They pay to be in your energy.
6. Every challenge is an opportunity to learn and teach other people how to move through it.
7. Check in with yourself and be intentional about the energy you bring with you. Be responsible for the energy you bring into each space.

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