Dr. Amishi Jha on How to Train a Peak Mind, Find Your Focus & Own Your Attention


How can you reclaim your attention when your mind is constantly pulled in a million directions? Dr. Amishi Jha, neuroscientist, professor of psychology, and author discovered a new approach to all of life’s moments when she entered the world of mindfulness. She shares how you can refocus on the moment to be more present, narrow in on the things that matter to you, sit through the discomfort and noise, and build a 12 minute daily meditation practice that can create lasting change and fulfillment.

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1. Attention is the fuel we need in order to do very everyday things and important things. It’s a superpower.
2. When we take a broader container view of our experience, we feel more capable of handling anything that’s happening to us.
3. Pay attention to present moment experience without editorializing or reacting to it. Stay here without clicking on the next link.
4. Accept the way there.
5. Focus. Notice. Redirect.
6. The only way we can have positive, enduring change and lasting fulfillment is through every moment of our lives. The lasting part is the active, effortful redirect – and we have to practice that.
7. Disabuse yourself from the notion of “clearing the mind” or having an eternal blissful experience. The real win is owning your own attention.

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