Daymond John on the Pillars of Success, Creating Viral Content & Learning on Shark Tank


How can you push aside your excuses and use the resources you have right now to build an incredible business? Daymond John, founder & CEO of FUBU and The Shark Group, Shark Tank judge, bestselling author, and motivational speaker began his multibillion dollar company by selling hats on a street corner, working at Red Lobster, and never losing sight of the possibilities ahead. He teaches you how to get back up after being rejected, turn critics into ambassadors, create engaging content even when you’re scared to show up, and make every day an opportunity to learn.

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1. Educate yourself every day. We’re always learning.
2. Take inventory. What time, friends, books, courses, mentors, do you have access to today, right now? Your inventory is right there.
3. Don’t assume there’s a magic pill to solve all your problems. At the end of the day, the business falls on you. No one will care about it as much as you do.
4. When you’re vulnerable, people will fight for you. Invite them to jump on the train with you and ride with you.
5. Any opinion, good, bad or indifferent, is an investment. Customer complaints are a chance to turn them into ambassadors.
6. You’ll get knocked down, but if you’re proud of what you do, then who cares? But you will absolutely regret it if you never start.
7. Put in the time, whether it’s making 50 calls or writing 2 tweets. Every single thing that’s been created started with one person with one idea and took one action. It can be done. Use whatever you have at hand. Just start.

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