A Powerful Coaching Call About How to Let Yourself Be Happy & Speak Your Truth


How can you drop the resistance that blocks you from happiness and making an impact? Cathy shares an inspiring coaching call about how to get out of your negative thought spiral, prevent your mind from jumping into fight or flight mode, allow your voice to be heard when you’ve been conditioned to stay quiet, and how to find fulfillment by giving your gifts away.

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1. Mentally rehearse the future you desire, the expansion, the feeling you want to feel.
2. Success is liking who you are, who you are and how you do it.
3. You are not a victim of your life. You have the ability to access, to create, to feel as good as you’re willing to feel.
4. If you’re nervous, do it anyway. Let your pits sweat!
5. Your truth and your sincerity is your power. It’s what touches other people.
6. Instead of asking, “How can I receive?” ask “How many people can I love into life? How many could I give love to through my words and vibration?”
7. We want to give our gifts away. We receive most when we give most.

Thank you so much for listening!

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