My Best Practices for Going Live & How to Overcome the Fear of Being Visible


How can going live build momentum for your business? Cathy shares why it’s so important for you to go live on social media, what topics you can talk about with your live audience, how to make the offer in a way that doesn’t feel weird or slimy, and how to get rid of the excuses that have been preventing you from showing up.

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1. An object in motion stays in motion. We need to participate and put skin in the game.
2. You don’t have to do this well in order to do it right.
3. It’s better to go off script and just be a human being.
4. Shame takes so much of the life that you wish to have. But how about saying, “Not today, shame. Not today.”
5. You could have the greatest freedom tomorrow. Give it to yourself. Set yourself free.
6. Make it a point to have your heart beat fast, and show up for something that scares you. Because now you know no matter what, you’re going to grow.
7. In order for us to give and have empathy for others, we need the capacity to have more empathy for ourselves.
8. It’s so good when you lose your way, because that means your ego died a death. Now you’re in the flow.

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