How a Listener Made $60,000 with 300 Followers & Gives Power to Other Women – Taqdees Razzaq of WowMeem


What opportunities can you create for yourself and other people when you welcome in abundance? One of our listeners Taqdees Razzaq started her business WowMeem by selling authentic branded clothing from Pakistan on Facebook Marketplace. She relied on word of mouth and had no website, but within the first year she made $20,000. Now she’s hit her 2021 goal of $60,000 and she has no intention of stopping. She shares how she grew this amazing company with just 300 followers, how to overcome a scarcity mindset and state your price, and how your business’s success allows you to make an even bigger impact for humans around the world.

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1. Become a rainbow in someone’s cloud. You can do that every day.
2. There’s a reason you’re here.
3. Don’t apologize or resist. Step in, open your palms, let the sun hit your face and say, “Here I go.”
4. Your customers are a Gdsend. When you hold them and see them, they become your business.
5. It starts with the smallest thing. One person is the world.
6. Believe in yourself and believe in the power of people.
7. We’re all one on the same side of love. Let’s just meet in love. Let’s just meet where we all can be connected as we are.

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